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Milk Pudding with Semolina Recipe

Here is another unique dessert! Your kids will love this dessert. This dessert is an excellent way for your child to consume milk, especially if your child doesn’t drink milk because of its smell or taste. A unique flavor emerges with the combination of lemon and cinnamon. I am sure you will love this dessert. It’s also a great dessert to serve to guests. Moreover, it is very easy to make.

With this recipe, you can make a dessert for 6-8 people in about 40 minutes.


  • One liter milk,
  • One cup semolina (a cup is 200 mL); It would be better if it was less than about a finger from the whole cup.
  • One cup granulated sugar,
  • One teaspoon butter,
  • One medium lemon,
  • Cinnamon.

In this recipe, we will use the rind of the lemon, not the lemon itself. We will not squeeze the lemon! Lemon peels are indispensable for the flavor of the dessert. Instead of lemon peel, you can choose one packet of vanilla. However, the taste of the dessert will not be as unique as the dessert in which you use lemon peel.

Step 1: Grate the rind of a medium lemon. For this, use the side of the grater with the smallest pores. We do not want large pieces of lemon peel to come into our mouths while we eat dessert.

Step 2: Put the semolina, sugar, lemon peel pieces and milk in a medium saucepan and stir,

Step 3: Turn on the stove on medium heat and stir continuously until it boils,

Step 4: When it boils and the mixture thickens, add the butter and stir. The consistency should not be too thick, and have a fluid consistency like honey. The dessert will solidify in the fridge.

Step 5: After the butter is completely melted, turn off the stove,

Step 6: If you wish, fill the pudding into a large square glass owenware or bowls,

Step 7: Let it cool on the counter,

Step 8: Pour the desired amount of cinnamon on top. You can also pour desiccated coconut or hazelnut powder if you want. But the best is cinnamon.

Step 9: Once cooled enough, put the bowls in the refrigerator. Cut the pudding into slices with a knife if you put it in a large glass ovenware.

Step 10: It is ready to eat after at least 4-5 hours in the refrigerator.

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