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Rosehip Juice Recipe

Rosehip, as it is known, is one of the most important sources of vitamin C (for information about vitamin C, see All vitamins; Functions, Daily Needs and Rich Foods). Another feature of rosehip is that it is not cultivated and does not contain pesticides and preservatives, as it is a wild fruit. Therefore, rosehip is a very healthy wild fruit that should be consumed by everyone.

Rosehip fruit contains 450-600 mg/100 g of vitamin C. Rosehip juice contains 30-60 mg/100 g of vitamin C. Although the amount of vitamin C in rosehip juice is significantly reduced compared to its fresh form, a cup of rosehip juice can meet the daily vitamin C requirement of an adult individual by 50-100%, depending on the body. Therefore, Rosehip juice is a very beneficial juice.

On the other hand, rosehip juice is a very delicious fruit juice. In Turkey, rosehip juice is usually made at home in the autumn and winter seasons and drunk abundantly. It is especially effective in preventing flu and colds.

  • 5 cups rosehip (dried), (a cup is 200 mL)
  • 8 cups water,
  • 1 cup granulated sugar.

You can make this recipe with dried or fresh rosehips. If you make it with fresh rosehips, you should use less water.

Step 1: Cut the stem and tassels at both ends of the rose hips with a knife and clean them,

Step 2: Wash the rosehips with plenty of water and put them in a pot,

Step 3: Add enough water to exceed the rosehip level by one finger and boil it on high heat,

Step 4: After boiling, take the stove to medium heat and continue to boil until the rosehips soften,

Step 5: After the rosehips have softened, turn off the stove and pass them through the blender in the pot, crush the rosehips well and make a puree,

Step 6: After the rosehip puree has cooled a little, take it little by little and strain it with a sieve,

Step 7: Mash the puree thoroughly with a spoon while filtering it, if you add some water as the pulp accumulates, you will allow it to drain better,

Step 8: After draining it completely, repeat the same filtering process for the second time but you should use a fine-mesh strainer at this time so that the feathers of the rosehip are completely separated,

Step 9: Put the rosehip puree you have obtained in a pot, add water according to the consistency you want and boil it on medium heat,

Step 10: After boiling, add sugar and turn off the stove after the sugar has completely melted. If you put the sugar at the beginning, the sugar will caramelize during the long heat treatment and this will cause the rosehip juice to darken. If you add the sugar last, you will get a bright color.

Step 11: Turn off the stove and let the rosehip juice cool,

Step 12: After cooling, rosehip juice is ready to serve.

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